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East Lancashire business collapse results in 50 job loses

Lancashire Business

East Lancashire business collapse results in 50 job loses

Thornton Sports Group in Altham has ceased trade resulting in 47 of its 52 staff being made redundant.

The company which manufactures, fits and maintains sports surfaces and artificial grass, had problems which hadn’t been rectified and made the business unviable.

Joanne Hammond and John Russell of Begbies Traynor, have now been appointed as joint administrators of the group. Miss Hammond Said: “unfortunately the group suffered from quality problems with some of its products which proved too costly to rectify. This, together with low margins and increased competition has made the business unviable.”

The Thornton Sports Group has been behind some big projects in the past, such as the refurbishing of the Mile End Park Stadium for a training venue for the US Olympic team during the 2012 London Olympic games.

Graham Jones, Hyndburn MP, said: “I am first of all disappointed for the people who have lost their jobs and the families from what once was a prospering company.

“If anything can be done to save a company I think that every effort should be made to do it, it’s people livelihoods that we are talking about here.

“There is a lot of talk about the economy succeeding and in some places such as Hyndburn that is not the case, there is unemployment that is gradually rising and I have got a real concern that the government is not taking the so-called Northern Powerhouse seriously.

“We cannot afford to lose highly-skilled companies and I hope that there will be some new investment into Thornton Sports and that jobs can be saved.”

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