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Artists are set to bring Blackburn town centre to life

blackburn artist festivAL

Artists are set to bring Blackburn town centre to life

Blackburn town centre arts festival

The forgotten walls of Blackburn will be receiving a face lift by six female artists, in order add ‘new light and colour’ to Blackburn town centre.

Blackburn open walls festival, which will take place in June, is the first walking street arts festival in Blackburn. Curated by Hayley Welsh, a Blackburn-born artist who creates large-scale street art internationally.

Two-years-ago Ms Welsh created a piece of street art on the Blackburn’s exchange building, which fuelled her vision to do more, the piece of art stated: “Be happy in this moment. This moment is your life.”

The six artists will be decorating the walls of Blackburn from June 20th to June 25th, with a walking tour of the art once it’s created, to showcase the range of themes and approaches on the Saturday, followed by a closing celebration at 5pm.

The walking street arts festival is part of the Urban Room Blackburn, organised by Blackburn is Open. It’s a celebration of the arts, public space and architecture.

To see more of Hayley’s work, go to: http://www.hayleywelsh.com/

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